“Why do third-agers seek adventures like mine? The crazy idea of walking around the circumference of France started with a conversation beside an Alpine lake just before my retirement. I told my wife Lizzie that I wanted to walk a lot of the Grandes Randonnées-the 38,000-mile network of long-distance footpaths that cover the French countryside-and write about my experience. “Why don’t you do it now?” she said, “before you become decrepit.”

The best sound in the world for me became the clunk-click of the buckles when I put on my rucksack. It meant the freedom to go where I wanted, to dream my own dreams and escape the complications of everyday life….”

 …excerpts from Walking the Hexagon, An Escape Around France on Foot by Terry Cudbird

It’s raining for the last 3 days here in Napa Valley. There are some flooding in neighboring valley and danger of flood of the Napa River tomorrow.  

I fifnished reading Incompleteness, The Proof and Paradox of Kurt Gödel by Rebecca Goldstein. I learned a tiny bit about the use of intuition in mathematics and abstract reality. The book touches also the friendship between Einstein and Gödel when they were both in the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. “Everyday the two men made the trek back and forth from the Institute, and others watched them with curiosity and wondered that they had so much to say to one another.”



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