love, emptiness

“But true emptiness is that which transcends all things and immanent in all…The character of emptiness, at least for a Christian contemplative, is pure love, pure freedom. Love that is free of everything, not determined by anything, or held down by any relationship…It is the sharing, through the Holy Spirit, in the infinite charity of God…This purity, freedom and indeterminateness of love is the very essence of Christianity.”

from: Contemplative Prayer, Thomas Merton

2 thoughts on “love, emptiness

  1. “Love that is free of everything…” What a perfect state which I desire to achieve. As a mother, it’s hard not to love freely without expectation or fear. My son returned from Marine boot camp for ten days, and I’m in a boot camp of my own, learning to love without anything polluting that, learning to find God’s peace so freely given.


  2. Edgar, while not a Christian, I so appreciate this quote and find that, at its essence, it can apply to the best of being, no matter what one’s religious beliefs…I am thinking of Buddhist principles concerning “freedom” especially.


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