Interior silence

“(The) capacity for interior silence is a legacy that all human beings share, not just those who consider themselves religious in the modern world. It is needless reduction of the human spirit to think that one must be a monk with robes and shaved head to access this domain of our human nature. All the better when our immense hunger for an inner spaciousness can be met and heard by the silence emanating from the natural world.”


Kurt Hoelting cited  acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton who tried “to record endangered  American soundscapes and the thoughts of ordinary Americans about the importance of quiet in their lives” and published them in his book, One Square Inch of Silence. Hempton “tracked the last strongholds of silence to the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park” in Washington.

excerpts from Circumference of Home, One Man’s Yearlong Quest For A Radically Local Life, by Kurt Hoelting. I’m half way in the book.

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photo: of Black Canyon (Colorado) taken by Mrs. Abstract on our way to Santa Fe, New Mexico






photo: on our way to the Black Canyon ( I took this one).


12 thoughts on “Interior silence

  1. Your wife’s Black Canyon shot is breath-takingly beautiful. The depth of that canyon is incredible. Your pic showed us the breadth. An amazing state of grandeur.


  2. Silence is so underestimated by most. I, personally, adore my quiet times. Lovely photos, both of them are great! It’s always nice to see another corner of the world.


  3. Beautiful landscape. The silence of the natural word is rejuvenating for me. If I don’t get out for a walk somewhere woodsy at least once I week I get a little crazy…. just a little.


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