Doodling on a rainy day


I strive to learn, to be wise

when I should know myself first


I become stuck exploring

words, meaning, concept.


My mind lives in the sky

my  feet not on earth.


To accomplish something

I should participate.


If I ask the gods for assistance

I will be required to act.


Achievement requires effort

For geniuses, more effort.


For a lesser mind, my mind

how could I ask for less?


And I should be troubled.




The globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus)[1] is a variety of a species of thistle cultivated as a food. The edible matter is buds that form within the flower heads before the flowers come into bloom. The buds go away or change to a coarse, barely edible form when the flower blooms. The uncultivated or wild variety of the species is called a cardoon.Image

text from : Wikepedia

photo: taken from our friend’s yard

formal education


The formal education of holding your hands

To experience softness and delicacy of an early afternoon

Silent murmurs of kittens playing in the kitchen

Slow boiling broth on the stove

Your shyly approving eyes

And mind calculating the cooking time

When will dinner be?

But then it may not be so important

When there are other things to think about.


I’m reading a book,Why Knot?, How to Tie MORE THAN SIXTY INGENIOUS, Useful, BEAUTIFUL, LIFESAVING, and SECURE KNOTS!, by Philippe Petit, the High-Wire Artist.

“Imagine a world without ropes, lines, cables, and knots.”ImageImage



 photos taken  in Panama Canal: ropes used  to stabilized the boats n Pananma Canal