But perhaps God needs the longing

But perhaps God needs the longing, wherever else shall it dwell,

Which with kisses and tears and sighs fills mysterious spaces of air –

And perhaps is invisible soil from which roots of stars grow and swell –

And the radiant voice across fields of parting which calls to reunion there?

O my beloved, perhaps in the sky of longing worlds have been born of our love –

Just as our breathing, in and out, builds a cradle for life and death?

We are grains of sand, dark with farewell, lost in births’ secret treasure trove,

Around us already perhaps future moons, suns, and stars blaze in a fiery wreath.


~ Nelly Sachs ~

(Translated by Ruth and Matthew Mead, in Women in Praise of the Sacred

 edited by Jane Hirshfield)

photo: taken in our churchyard’s garden

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