Are you romantic?

Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis dedicated  his book, Dancing Naked in the Mind Field, to his wife, Nancy, wrote:

“Jean Paul Sartre somewhere observed that each of us make our own hell out of the people around us.  Had Jean Paul known Nancy, he may have noted that at least one man, someday might get very lucky, and make his own heaven out of the people around him.  She will be his morning and his evening star, shining with the brightest and softest light in his heaven.  She will be the end of his wanderings, and their love will arouse the daffodils in the spring to follow the crocuses and proceed the irises.  Their faith in one another will be deeper than time and their eternal spirit will be seamless once again.

Or maybe he just would have said,  “If I’d had a woman like that, my books wouldn’t be about despair.”

This book is not about despair.  It’s about a little bit about a lot of things, and if not a single one of them is wet with sadness, it is not due to my lack of depth; it is due to a year of Nancy, and the prospect of never again being without her.  “    

Kary Mullis, “Dancing Naked in the Mind Field” 1998


photo: after entering Scotland

photo: of my wife,Mrs. Abstract,while taking a photo of Westminster Abbey , “a woman like  that”.


5 thoughts on “Are you romantic?

  1. Yes, I most certainly am, Edgar, to answer your question and so was very moved by the quote and the application of such to Mrs. Abstract! Lucky you both.


  2. An upfront and thought-provoking book to read – keep re-reading the sensitive dedication and wondering whether he also writes poetry for himself …….


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