riddle of the labyrinth

I’m reading a new book: “The Riddle of the Labyrinth” by Margalit Fox. The tablets of hieroglyphs  being deciphered in the book were found at the archeological digs in Knossos,  Crete.Mrs. Abstract and I visited Knossos 3 years ago and toured the archeological site. 


The story is the quest to decipher the code  started by an English archeologist, Arthur Evans, who discovered the tablets but could not cracked the riddle. Then by Alice Kober, an American scholar, who died before she could finish her work and was not recognized for her accomplishment and finally by an English architect, Michael Ventris, who successfully solved the riddle at the age of thirty but died 4 years later. An amazing story.



photo: part of the palace 





photo: samples of the scripts written on coins 


photo: what King Mino’s palace should look like during Bronze Age in Crete 1850 to 1450 B.C.


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