life begins and ends

Once I wish to live
to be a hundred
a perfect number
a selfish platitude
children, millions, 
each year, die
before the age of five
it’s one thing
to die of cancer
and heart disease
It’s another
to die of hunger
and violence.


4 thoughts on “life begins and ends

  1. Hello Heather, WabiSabi, moondustwriter,

    These are the “other” children. In The Fiction of Relationship, an eCourse in Coursera, which I recently finished, those children will be called the other.

    Their cry is like the “cry of God” that Jean Vanier, who is the founder of L’Arche,talked about, which is mentioned in Heather in Arles’s blog.

    I wrote that simple poem with sadness.

    Thank you for all your comments.



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