why create art, and create again

Aaron Copland, composer, asks himself:

“Why is it so important that I compose music?

What makes it seems so absolutely necessary so that every other daily activity, by comparison, is of lesser significance?” 

“And why is the creative impulse never satisfied; why must one always begin anew?”

He writes: “to the first question-the answer is always the same-self-expression; the basic need to make evident one’s deepest feelings about life.”Image

“Why must one always begin again?” “…each added work brings with it an element of self-discovery. I must create in order to know myself, and since self-discovery is a never- ending search,each new work is only a part-answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’”

 Copland adds: “…each new and significant work is a unique formulation of experience; an experience that would be utterly lost if it were not captured and set down by the artists.”


from Music and Imagination (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures 2951-1952) by Aaron Copland

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