if one day

If one day

in a forest

I meet 

a porcupine

face to face

can be as close

as its nose

touching mine.

I hope

the porcupine and I 

will not be afraid

and both of us

will not run away

after all

it has quills,

serrated and sharp,

I have blood

to shed.

A quill 

can be a pen 

or spear

I hope I will know

the difference.


a winemaker’s dinner

Waking the morning after

my head, inside a barrel

two pygmy goats knocking on my door.



My ears seemed filled with ants

voices reverberating in my mind

my eyes closed to the sun.


The table spread before me

select wines and the choicest

a feast for the senses.


I bowed to desire of the moment

a night and morning to remember

 suffering my toll of excess.


point of view of a child

How many days

after a mango ripens

will it fall on the ground?


A child will cup the hands

sweet gravity 

of the fruit falling.


The faintest light at dawn,

faintest light at the end of day

paints the earth and sky

celebrating appearance and departure.


How does a child learn

a mango tree, receiving and giving

 life begins on earth?


off the grid

Away from the range
without wires,”off the grid”,
of habits relentless 
to each moment
 a vast space, unexplored,
 basic needs forgotten.
An idle mind
explores secrets 
of boredom.
There was once a time
for doodles and aimless scroll
a pedestrian strolling.
Let spring comes
engage the world 
in your arms and senses
get your shoes and promenade
sunset and starry sky
on your palette.