To speak and to remain silent

“To speak and to remain silent, each is perfection. The case of each consists in holding to the proper measure of words. Silence is great and speech is great, but the wise man sets a measure upon them both.” 
attributed to Valerian of Cimiez, quoted in Silence, A Christian History
by Diarmaid MacCulloch


an examined life

Dragonfly dozing
on a lily pad
a dab of paint.
Did Monet paint
absence of the dragonfly
or imagine its presence?
What if Van Gogh saw fireflies
when he was convalescing
at St. Remy-de Provence?
Thoughts come 
fleeting lights and mist
starry skies.
Visiting Tuesday’s Farmer’s Market
I walk between tables
fresh spinach and sunflowers
strawberries and self-embroidered scarves
I think of the life I’m living
or an imagined life.

three small steps

they thought they will never learn

to dance the cha cha cha

-play like a child

to be children again

hiding in castles and search

building the cat’s cradle

might have been hours

practice, play, and laughter

bodies curl for ice cream


photo: Cha Cha Cha, Robin Murez, 2011, part of Momentum: Art That Moves (Us), Napa ARTwalk, Downtown Napa,CA

Day for a girl

Addition and subtraction

the past and the present

I learn as a child


More days I want to hear

ascending musical voices

scattering of birds and gathering 

other times I tolerate

clamors of tractors on the street


I want to say

doors of learning is open 

for everyone, education of the heart 


for everyone. But I can only write 

tidbits, millipedes’s whisperings,

far distance from the stories,


movements, and awareness,

stories of struggles,appreciation of

International Day for a Girl.


Yesterday was the day, International Day for a Girl, and I found only later in the day.

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