by way of an explanation

I can write a letter

 a mailman will pick it

give the letter to you.


I will imagine you

reading it 

and your reaction.


Or I can email you

which you can receive instantly,

if you are aware read at the same instant.


I can listen, we can listen

our messages, while walking

in the park  or wherever we are

short of being run over by cars.

You may respond, and I,  with a video 

voila, I can, we can

see and hear each other,

where we live,where we are,

where we go, places  we like to visit 

what we like to do.


Back and forth, sophomorically sweet

I can touch you, you can touch me,

each other, but, not really…

a virtual affection,only

an “imaginative comprehension” at its best.


Meeting you,meeting each other 

holding you, holding each other

we can begin a comprehension

-the real comprehension

-real comprehension.



Note: Yesterday I wrote hurriedly a poem about Anna Wulf’s “imaginative comprehension” from The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing and only tangentially touched the meaning.


Yesterday  I tried to read passages to Mrs.Abstract. She said,”hush, hush, you are distracting my concentration.” Moments later teased me by reciting passages from a book she was reading. 


2 weeks ago we attended the Napa Valley Film Festival and watched many outstanding films like Hank and Asha.





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