eye of the unexpected

What is the natural surrounding of the mind?
Space surrounded by time
time surrounded by space
you’re  thinking if you should 
declare your love for her.
Don’t let your love wait
speak your heart, speak your love 
cars skid, airplanes fall,
bullets stray, “trains of snowstorms”,
you are at the eye of the unexpected.
Don’t leave your  love
undeclared, unfulfilled
Inside the folds of “icy vortices”
deep cold comes swiftly
one will start to “fumble
and tumble and stumble”,
the mind gets jumbled,
“and mumble and grumble”.
One will start to shiver, “major shivering”
core temperature plummeting 
crossing the danger point
close to dying, death.
Hypothermia is cruel.

note: I cried for fictional characters. Do you cry for fictional characters? I laughed and cried while the reading the book, The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green.The characters lived their lives head on. A love story.  At the end I cried more. 

A few days ago I learned that my best friend will join the circle just like the fictional characters.



6 thoughts on “eye of the unexpected

  1. I’m sorry about your best friend. And to me the poem means say you love someone before it’s too late. Which reminds me of, “Never let the sun go down on your anger.” If we don’t stand up for whom we love, who will?


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