how to be original

In her book of essays, Nine Gates, Entering the Mind of Poetry, Jane Hirsfield explains Neitzsche’s Three Metamorphoses.

“The philosopher describes 3 stages through which the spirit must pass before it can truly serve”: the camel, the lion, and the child.

“First it must become a camel… to bear the weight of the world… enter into tradition and culture… and hardships of common human life.”

“Then the spirit must lionlike to slay the dragon of external values…”

“The lion too must give way, and become a child: only in the child’s forgetting and innocence can a truly new spirit come into the world. This is the beginning  of genuinely original creation, the moment in which the writer can turn at last  toward the work without preconception, without any motive beyond knowing the taste of what is.”


note: spring colors  


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