Coming down from the summit

The descending altitude will improve your thinking
You will not need Adrianne’s thread
to find the beginning.

In the market
the fish is wrapped in colored papers
chaos and banter rise above the crowd
a spectacle of summer.
As you walk home you will see
the monarch butterflies have changed
the shape of trees
You will be enthralled again.

3 thoughts on “Coming down from the summit

  1. I remember the monarch butterflies changing the shapes of the trees when I was only five years old and visiting California for the first time ever. They took my breath, and the vision still hasn’t left my memory.


  2. I remember quite clearly seeing the monarch butterflies and the way they changed the shape of the trees when I first visited California at five years of age. The vision was so fantastical it still hasn’t faded from my memory after all these years.


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