I’m a seed
depends where it falls
tendril shoots toward the sun
a vast field
for a random seed
or accidental fruit
joining photosynthesis
connect to what life is
simple and profound
like “two o-musubi
neatly side by side
inside my lunchbox”

o, what I can be.

note: O-nigiri also known as o-musubi-or rice ball, is a Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular or oval shapes and often wrapped in nori (seaweed).

photo and translation from Wikipedia:

You may want to go

“Adventure in an unadventurous” day
“but can you fall in love with everything,”
can you love bees, spheres, and inhabitable planets?
You draw to yourself spaces in the universe
color them with life,
stir them with feelings
like a desert that blooms
and withdraws with the season

and you have worries
like the dot on your face
you share with Jupiter
“and if planets can sigh
that’s what Jupiter will do.”

Don’t be jealous.
Welwitschia is found
in only one place on earth
“the only surviving plant in its genus
the last in its family, the last in its order”
all have vanished
it’s mirabilis, Welwitschia mirabilis,
Nambian desert, the Namib Naukluft, in Africa
that’s I want to tell you.

note: I read all these stories in NPR:

photo: artist/photographer Rachel Sussman

If I have questions

“Only the foolish and the dead alone
never change their opinions…
heavy clouds, impolite winds…”
some words are hard to translate,
so much meaning, feelings can hide
Can you cover church steeples with gold?
What happened to your umbrella?

note: I have a constant problem. I can’t write without reading.

will happen and happened

Butterflies and bees drink crocodile tears
a scientific curiosity
true to the last letter
an important element, salt
they need for survival

range of knowledge and experience
I lacked
but this is not that lustrous one.

Can you feel your future?
Can you measure it
with reason and opportunities?
Sometimes life comes swiftly
or enormously slow
like an atomic decay of 800 years.

“A meteor fell through space
into earth’s atmosphere
didn’t stop falling”
breaking through a roof
into the kitchen where
a mother was cooking dinner.

Every moment is impermanent
every moment a surprise
Do you think California Chrome
will add the Belmont
for the third jewel?