What a life can be

My life,
like the earth,
a landscape of radiance and catastrophe,
and few delicacies:
a good story, afternoon stroll,
stream of consciousness,
raindrops, smile and hug.

If I can sustain prayer,
fire of faith, hope,
and love,
I may reach
orbit of the celestial.

5 thoughts on “What a life can be

  1. Edgar, this is another example of your Faith that reminds me of Buddhism…I think it is interesting where the worlds religions overlap. 🙂


    1. I have been reading a lot the writings of Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest. He encourages contemplation which had been revived by Thomas Merton many years ago. I’m also a follower of Merton. All major religions have a long tradition of contemplatives. Jewish Kabbalist, Sufis, Buddhists and Hinduism, and of course, Christian contemplatives.


      1. Yes Heather. I’m trying to understand zen buddhism. Jesus and Buddha, both, teach simplicity. Their teachings are parallel and stated in different ways.


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