What a life can be

My life,
like the earth,
a landscape of radiance and catastrophe,
and few delicacies:
a good story, afternoon stroll,
stream of consciousness,
raindrops, smile and hug.

If I can sustain prayer,
fire of faith, hope,
and love,
I may reach
orbit of the celestial.

5 thoughts on “What a life can be

  1. Edgar, this is another example of your Faith that reminds me of Buddhism…I think it is interesting where the worlds religions overlap. 🙂

    • I have been reading a lot the writings of Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest. He encourages contemplation which had been revived by Thomas Merton many years ago. I’m also a follower of Merton. All major religions have a long tradition of contemplatives. Jewish Kabbalist, Sufis, Buddhists and Hinduism, and of course, Christian contemplatives.

      • Yes Heather. I’m trying to understand zen buddhism. Jesus and Buddha, both, teach simplicity. Their teachings are parallel and stated in different ways.

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