9 thoughts on “why do we stop and look at lakes (2)

    1. I’m following your steps. Mrs.Abstract and I passed by to see the lake the day was sunny and warm. There was a busload of visiting Netherlanders in the view point.


      1. The snow was most certainly magical – certainly as it was nowhere near winter!
        Remi and I covered the Canadian Rockies for a story in Grands Reportages magazine in France (and then a second on Vancouver) that translates to “The Glacier Highway” – basically from Banff to Jasper – we loved it there!


      2. That explains the similarities. We drove to Oregon to watch our grandson play baseball then celebrated Father’s Day with our friends in Oregon. Proceeded to Washington then to Vancouver. We did Vancouver to Jasper by train, by car to Banff and to Calgary. Fly from Calgary to Vancouver then by ferry to Victoria where we are now.


      3. I have no idea! I will have to look it up when I get back. 🙂 We were working for them so much during that time…


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