remain humble

“…Whatever the answers are, the dark components of the cosmos are both a lesson in the amazing efficiency of science (at least we found them!) and the need to keep an open mind and to remain humble. We may be startled when we decipher their natures, if we ever do; it’s not unreasonable to expect to that the answer will be mind-blowing⎯⎯and that it will trigger new, unexpected questions that will keep scientists busy and mystified for the rest of the century”.⎯⎯Marcelo Gleiser

A book that may be worth seeking is Marcelo Gleiser’s new book: The Island of Knowledge: The Limits of Science and The Search for Meaning


Philippe Petit , the French high wire performer and artist, encourages us to make a habit of looking at the “negative space around you.” “…It will stretch your imagination””. He writes,”imagine what’s not yet there, what is there for you to bring”.


“But blue, as the sky, as the sea-blue tries to be official when it tints uniforms, yet it mingles commonly as it colors jeans. So limpid, so tranquil blue it is.”

“In the meantime, what should you be passionate about?”
—from: Creativity by Philippe Petit