“Carrying everything except what you needed”

I become silent

inside a cave

looking at a “cairn of broken stones”

sitting under a weeping willow tree

I listen

to an explorer tells her story

“how to build herself”

“that food is not a big issue”

I try to visualize

how she subsisted

on “witchetty grubs seared in sand”

I believe her

chasing an epiphany

is reason enough to endure.

Note: I read with interest stories of 2 remarkable women: Theresa Forcades, a physician who becomes a Benedictine nun, and Sarah Marquis, a Swiss modern-day explorer, who walked 10,000 miles in three years. Both of them experienced different epiphanies that transformed their lives.


“If we’re grateful, we’re not fearful, and if we’re not fearful, we’re not violent. Then, we act out of a sense of enough instead of scarcity, and we start to share.”-Brother David Steindl-Rast, quoted by Nipun Mehta

Nipun Mehta describes the richness of Br. David’s “extreme ordinariness”in a recent blog.