a boy’s little journal

river bends

boat follows

boy feels his heart

moon gravitates towards the earth

the teacher says

room is quiet

to love and be loved

even for a moment

creek becomes a river

the little boy

stares at the night

music of the stars

I’m coming

says the dying star

every night the boy waits

tomorrow I’ll sit

next to you in class

the girl says

the boy paints

her beautiful eyes

and signs yes.

I’ll be there with you

“This is my vow:to love the sick, each and all of them, more than if my own body were at stake…

“When there is nothing more medically you can do for patients, remember it is just the beginning ofeverything you can do for your patients: you can still give them the best of you, which is your presence at their bedside.

You can heal even when you cannot cure by that simple human act of being at the bedside — your presence.”

quoted by Abraham Verghese,M.D. , professor of medicine at Stanford and a best selling author during his commencement address at Stanford (Stanford’s School of Medicine) on June 14, 2014.


life is a battle

“Problem is, many children with autism don’t have the means to express themselves, and often even their parents don’t have a clue what they might be thinking.So my big hope is that I can help a bit by explaining, in my own way, what’s going on the minds of people with autism.” -excerpts from The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida. Introduction by David Mitchell.

Naoki, “severely autistic”, wrote the book when he was 13 and junior in High School. He is 22 now (born in 1992).

note: I finished reading the book last week. Naoki’s story opened my eyes and gave me a better understanding of the life of children with autism.

link on David Mitchell’s article in theguardian: