to dream in words


any Difference

exits and entRances

the gardEn fills-up

as I look Away

the Mask is

grAss writing


a bOok

tangled vErsions of



The Mesostomatic (based on John Cage’s Mesostics).

I selected a poem, A Man of Words by John Ashbery, as the source text of my mesostic poem titled: DREAM A POEM. I italicized in bold the words selected.

A Man of Words

by John Ashbery

His case inspires interest
But little sympathy; it is smaller
Than at first appeared. Does the first nettle
Make any difference as what grows
Becomes a skit? Three sides enclosed,
The fourth open to a wash of the weather,
Exits and entrances, gestures theatrically meant
To punctuate like doubled-over weeds as
The garden fills up
with snow?
Ah, but this would have been another, quite other Entertainment, not the metallic taste
In my mouth as I look away, density black as gunpowder In the angles where the grass writing goes on,
Rose-red in unexpected places like the pressure
Of fingers on a book
suddenly snapped shut.

Those tangled versions of the truth are Combed out, the snarls ripped out
And spread around. Behind the mask Is still a continental appreciation

Of what is fine, rarely appears and when it does is already Dying on the breeze that brought it to the threshold
Of speech. The story worn out from telling
All diaries are alike, clear and cold, with

The outlook for continued cold. They are placed
Horizontal, parallel to the earth,
Like the unencumbering dead. Just time to reread this
And the past slips through your fingers, wishing you were there.

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