“where the violets came from”

You started using the word loggia for veranda,

fresco for mural, villa for house

but you were in an island

with mangoes, breadfruit and coral reef.

You walked on the beach

where perfect waves touched your feet,

you were thinking “where the violets came from”

beauty and abundance couldn’t sway your mind.

You concealed your tears.

note: referring to Parma violets quoted by Shirley Hazzard in The Transit of Venus

the presence


Sabbath: Set aside regular, longer periods of quiet or retreat, simply to rest in awareness of God’s presence. Find a rhythm of rest and work that allows for renewal so that you enter your active life from contemplative grounding.

Service: Allow the natural welling-up of love to flow outward in acts of justice, healing, and compassion. Life is not about you; you are about life!

note: excerpts from: https://cac.org/richard-rohr/daily-meditations

surprise yourself

You will never know everything

but you can start someplace

with flowers and umbrellas

wading in streams or praying

before long you are in a mountain

gazing at a bear, and trying

to delineate scale of adventures.

The mist lifted outside

the kettle whistling in the kitchen

reminding you friends are coming,

cakes and pastries waiting in the bakery.

There is time.


All who seek you
test you.
And those who find you
bind you to image and gesture.

I would rather sense you
as the earth senses you.
In my ripening
what you are.

I need from you no tricks
to prove you exist.
Time, I know,
is other than you.

No miracles, please.
Just let your laws
become clearer
from generation to generation.

note: from Rilke’s Book of Hours translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy