Dear If,

I love the poem, Four Quartets. You teased me once because I don’t know
what T S stands for in T.S. Eliot. Both of us love Charlotte’s Web. Do you remember what E.B. in EB White stands for? Name is important because it’s part of our identity.
You say a name with affection or surprise.

E.B.White grew up in a farm and had always tended different animals and “lived a life of enchantment” since he was a very young boy. He had several personal Charlottes and Wilburs.

The weather split the country into snow and drought. You have a deluge of snow and we have already more than month of dryness. Tomorrow there is a forecast of rain here. I hope we get our snow in the mountain, our “cold heaven”.

I want to enclosed a photo of a cloud formation on Monday.

Keep warm,


p.s.Elwyn Brooks stands for E.B.

Andy is the “nickname he acquired at Cornell and kept for the rest of his life.”

note: If stands for imaginary friend.DSC_0018

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