loving & seeing God

“What sets monks apart is not an overbearing piety but a contemplative sense of fun. They know, as Trappist monk Matthew Kelty reminds us, that ‘you do not have to be holy to love God. You have only to be human. Nor do you have to be holy to see God in all things. You have only to play as a child with an unselfish heart.’ ”-Kathleen Norris, Dakota, A Spiritual Geography

reach out

“I realize with astonishment that there is a way to have a family even from afar. But it involves reaching out continually, and communicating. In the meanwhile, even our neighbors have a role to play.

We need each other near and far.”- Sasha Martin, Life from Scratch, a memoir of food, family, and forgiveness

follow a creative thread

…[he] “had just made the discovery of a lifetime,” a connection between “the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to the new Seven Wonders of the World.

“What we choose to forget is sometimes more important than what we choose to remember.”-Ben Mizrich, Seven Wonders

note: between readings of Life from Scratch by Sasha Martin & Powers of Two by Joshua Wolf Shenk I sneaked in and finished reading Seven Wonders by Ben Mizrich. The novel is action packed swift moving story connected by science, myth, history and imagination. Actually I find it relevant to my Ignite Your Everyday Creativity eCourse and with an added bonus: fun.

your role or mine?

Six stages of progression of creative pairs

III Dialectics.In the heart of their creative work, pairs thrive on distinct and enmeshed roles, taking up positions in archetypal combinations that point to the essential place of dichotomy in the creative process.

note: excerpts from the book,Powers of Two, Fining the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs by Joshua Wolf Shenk.

a pair

There times a week
they hike a circular trail in the forest
that begins and ends at the cabin.
They think
repetitions darken the blood, sustain
the vigor, heighten familiarity-
junction where to view the lake,
where the creek crosses, where
the trail descends, the third rise
where they pick the freshest acorn
for the hearth., the bend where they pause
to replenish.

Their houses are eight hours apart.
One gardens and likes okra,
the other a journal-writing devotee,
ideas bounce between their minds.

Last September, a fall
disrupted the circle.
Today they forgot the key
they sat on the bench, waited
for their wives.