need some company

What is an epiphany? Christopher McDonald, author of the book “Born to Run” observed that most recreational sports are created by men for men. “But the real skills, the human skills, are the ones where the differences between men and women are the slimmest,” he said.

At this stage of my life (just celebrated my 75th birthday) I ask myself, what “human skills” that do not need huge physical strength have I not learned yet? How about “dexterity and adaptability?” Being agile? How about nature photography? I will not develop them by sitting or using the treadmill. Plus I will enjoy more the outdoors.

Certainly there is time. Now is always present. I will call my project: The Late in Life Project. I’m certain that you don’t want an old man to do it alone.

Come, gods favor the brave and the “young at heart”.

2 thoughts on “need some company

  1. I send my sincere congratulations to you Edgar on your 75th. That is something beautiful!
    May I suggest adding a yoga class to your list? It will add to your nature photography plus your well being, of that I am sure.


    1. Thank you Heather. Yoga will be an appropriate addition. I’ve started and not continued yoga a few times in the past. Everyone I know who does yoga declares very good physical improvement and contentment.


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