need some company

What is an epiphany? Christopher McDonald, author of the book “Born to Run” observed that most recreational sports are created by men for men. “But the real skills, the human skills, are the ones where the differences between men and women are the slimmest,” he said.

At this stage of my life (just celebrated my 75th birthday) I ask myself, what “human skills” that do not need huge physical strength have I not learned yet? How about “dexterity and adaptability?” Being agile? How about nature photography? I will not develop them by sitting or using the treadmill. Plus I will enjoy more the outdoors.

Certainly there is time. Now is always present. I will call my project: The Late in Life Project. I’m certain that you don’t want an old man to do it alone.

Come, gods favor the brave and the “young at heart”.

watching a trained hawk

Swift “dive from an oak”
brutal sounds of breaking on the ground
“a dead bird placed reverently in a hawking bag…
deep in the muddled darkness
six copper pheasant feathers glowed
in a cradle of blackthorns”
a young girl “picked them free, one by one,”
tucked them inside her pocket,
one inside her fist, moments of being held tight.

Walking home she felt a change
years later she would understand why.

note: the quoted words or lines are from H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald, a book I just started reading.

Sabbath Day


note: one of the flowers I saw when Mrs. Abstract & I spent a 3-day holiday in Mendocino at a B & B inn that serves only vegan.I was not completely surprised but I enjoyed being vegan for 3 days. If we can only cook like chef cooks…
I don’t know the name of the flower.

listening to talks while reading & thinking

Think of deep problems

“whenever you open a window in the universe

you are likely to be surprised.”

Don’t you know

a river can flow both ways?

O, you are so creative.

“Thoughts worth thinking should not just be understood, they should be experienced.” – Count Harry Kessler, May 1896,

note: quoted in Reinhold Messner, My Life at the Limit

an experiment

I learned to cook

to learn a language

100 dishes for a banquet

dessert to pair, to entice

choose, I will surround

your wine with a table,

fresh produce from local farmers

red tomatoes and herbs from my garden

umami will tingle your tastebuds

your palate will wonder, what mystery

come, in my kitchen you are my first

guest and interpreter.

Interior life and pruning vine

“One thing that has been extremely helpful for me is to know myself by pruning,” Brother Rafael says. “What you do with the vines is you’re constantly removing what is extra. You remove the extra clusters, you remove the extra leaves and canopy. For what?”

It’s so the remaining grapes have space to develop beautifully. Brother Rafael continues, “It’s the same with me in my interior life. I need to remove what is superfluous.”

Note: excerpts from:

close your eyes, imagine



Orange fruit
beside white blossoms
contrast in perspectives

last night we went tasting
cheese,from whole milk and raw,
natural and washed-rind,
infants and aged, hard and cuddly
triangles, cubes, cylinders
on a plate rimmed with nuts,
fruits and crusty bread,
a cubism of taste.

I imagined goats, sheep, cows grazing
in green mountains, fresh landscapes
in Sardinia, La Mancha, Belloc,
and local nearby communities.

We were asked to complete the canvas
paint them with wine, she said
create new symbiosis, to enhance
richness, heighten simplicity,
conflicting pair or a sweet surprise.

Would match-making
of two hearts for marriage
more difficult?