against forgetting

Experience grows from series of sentences, like small steps of a dance,
tiny noises inside the burrows under the earth
small creatures ruminating in their hideaways
early Christians hiding in underground cities in Cappadocia
celebrating their meetings breaking bread and enthusiasm
bold spirits to their calling
unseen honoring the unseen
faithful to the word and promise
voices of prayers while walking, kneeling, sitting
sounds of beads and chants
or simply silent.

Experience is like memories of writing a book, monologues, essays
remembrance of creation, beginnings
clarifying a question, living the doubts
will the angels hear me, cries Rilke
sometimes they are whisperings to yourself
while death flowers beside you
you march against pain, time, forgetting
the voices are too precious,too important.

note: I’m reading book of poetry, Against Forgetting, Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness, edited by Carolyn Forché

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