how do I look

Ten formal elements of Japanese design:

1.Katsura-Refined rusticity in architectural design

2.Shibui-Subtle elegance

3.Wabi and Sabi-Rustic and withered elegance

4.Iki-Stylized, sophisticated elegance

5.Miyabi and Fūryū-Opulent and stylish elegance

6.Karei-Sumptous elegance

7.Kabuku and Basara-Outlandish elegance

8.Ma-An interval in time and space

9.Nōtan-The dark-light principle

10.Mingei-Japanese folk crafts

note: from the book, Japanese Design

Art, Aesthetics & Culture

by Patricia J. Graham

2 thoughts on “how do I look

  1. That’s what happened for going to the library often Heather. Poetry is the spur.
    I don’t read much mystery and fantasy. And for being old I have to read a lot. My brain needs exercise.

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