on the way back

You went to the mountains to find out
what you were missing, the edge for the game,
your passion or the resistance,
fame and glitter enfolding you.

You went to the mountains
to create a clearing for a sacred site
or a path that leads to it,
to participate in a long journey
roots that stay and deepen
to be one with the universe.

Tomorrow don’t be surprised
if enlightenment deserts you
because knowledge is by ear, not by tongue.
Listening is a generous “dreaming in eternity,”
a mountain looking at the sky.

You hear about a woman homesteader
who “wrote poems in scraps of paper
and sewed them into the tumbleweeds”,
her voice real and bold, isolated in simplicity
stories you wanted to tell
the wind humming gently
life into life.

note: The quoted phrase is from, The Year of Living Virtuously, by Teresa Jordan, a book I’m currently reading.

why do bees love lavender

note: Mrs. Abstract and I visited the lavender garden in Manzanitas Creek Winery in Sonoma County.last weekend.We tasted wonderful wine especially the 4 different sauvignon blanc.<a

Big correction: The lavender garden is in Matanzas Creek Winery, 6097 Bennett valley Rd. Santa Rosa,CA and NOT Manzanita Creek Winery.
I’m sorry for the mistake.



one can try

How can you make one day
different from the other?
When camera fails
try to remember the scene without feelings
spaces unmarked or empty
life’s continuation in uncertainty
like an “abstract friend”.

You can be touched overwhelmingly
by presence or absence
or both, together
because mystery can not be explained
or intimacy, by thinking.

The spider tries hard
to catch the light
traveling the web.