What birds did not see

I try to understand the meaning,

the naming of things

time continuing and separating

or happening all at once, simultaneously

stretching through a long road

that particular moment

lips parted half-way,one eyebrow raised

caught at a moment of being

cruelty happening around the world

killings, drowning, plane crash

or simple adultery

then you called, not a shout

but whispered through songs

you sent, of singers I like

lyrics repeated in my ears

creating a shape, a landscape

small things on earth I can learn:

a new life-silence and fury, of absence

and presence, after so much losses.

5 thoughts on “What birds did not see

      1. Thank you.
        I wrote it while I was finishing Ali Smith’s How To Be Both.The story tells about art, family,relationship and awakening of identity.I love the conversations and of course the novel.

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