how should I say it

The alacrity of building cairns

or solemnity of putting one stone on top of another

feeling an “overwhelming peace and spirit of oneness”

one doesn’t have to divide the inseparables

or connect the irreconcileables

neither master nor slave

neither safety nor fear, nor pretenders

one is always looking for eggs sewn inside pockets of grass

or “pacing the path above the rocks”

trying to distinguish seeds from metaphors

sands in the world can swirl a storm

sands in the world can build a cathedral

plod on, have no fear for the dragon around the corner

one can find one’s way unaided

I see ahead an elderly couple walking,

holding hands, she half-leans towards him

he limps his way straight ahead

no escape, no complaints, no brooding

experiences are experiences, “are not to be thought away”

an older woman passes me, says

“they grow old but they don’t age”

countless sheltering stars

welcome the flowers of May

the basket of laundry can wait.

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