5 years apart. Our whole family tribe has an annual tradition of celebrating  Thanksgiving at Lake Tahoe. 5 years ago we had a big snow storm with lots and lots of snow. This year there was not much snow.


November 2015


November, 2010

note: The whole family returned home from the mountain today.Getting ready for church.

a reminder

wind retreats
trees remain trembling
clouds gather in the horizon
gladness in a glance
lifting eyes to reverence
of rain coming filling the rivers
fattening fish travelling upstream

where are the lamps
bearing insights of the deep nights
separating shadows from the light
a book of virtues, a listening brook
a day of kindness when autumn
spread a welcome
step by step stages of blessings
will you be filled with gratitude
if trees are heavy with snow
do birds’s absence mean
they are hiding or do we miss
them playing with snowflakes?

days are shortening and much colder
you have to remember to close
your bedroom’s retractable roof
a forecast of snow next Friday.

simple riches

the moon is almost full
forecast of snow this afternoon
future in moments
I read a few pages
write a few lines
savor a cup of coffee
listen to Beethoven’s piano sonatas
the simple riches
“It’s already tomorrow in Hong Kong.”
walking love story after
unexpected meeting in the city
please don’t cry
the world is not faraway
we can synchronize the future
latitude and longitude have
points of intersections.


The electrician restores the break
in circuit bringing back the missing
-telephone, light, internet conncetions.

In Denmark residents have an ID card
does almost everything, opening
bank accounts, borrowing
books from the library , renting property,
one’s whole medical history.

Players of all ages, shout
and run with their kites
hardly pausing for conversations.
A man with arthritic hands lacking
agility can still make his kite, dance and flirt.

The children, when they get home,
will look for the word equanimity
later with time, the story
of kite runners, a tradition
the old man told them.

Others, we can not see them,
in our midst covered with darkness,
at the other side of privilege and abundance,
no place to call home, stateless
they can not read
they are lost in the world
they are deprived of the world.

What’s a hygge?

Hygge. It’s a Danish thing.”
“What does it mean?”
“It’s hard to explain, it’s just something that all Danes know about. It’s like having a cosy time.”
“Is it a verb? Or an adjective?”
“It can be both. Staying home and having a cosy candlelit time is hygge.”

note: Quotations are from The Year of Living Danishly Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country by Helen Russell. The book is hilarious and informative.