the twins: thought & experience

The students, pale and abstract,
their faces peer hours over the text
backpacks and tired eyes fill the sunset
from library to the dorm
a walk in heavy and humid air
waiting for the Siberian breeze
to sweep the plains.

The pub is a hive of polyphony-
uncertainties in relationship, assumptions
and why one team triumphs and others are left
behind drawn in overflowing mugs.

When was the last time they look
at cattle grazing?
Or heard a bird singing?

Things have changed and others have not
In days of old, a village honored the elders,
relied on almanac and stars.
A new dawn, arrived children of technology
“clutching eagerly the hours,” patience
may enter late and brush aside.

Who will learn one rule of life
that obedience kneels besides humility?

A grain of sand is a vast space
and we don’t know it.


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