who are the three Graces

“Grace is rather like wine, or—better yet—a cocktail. Not the snorter of desperation, mind you, but the balanced, well-made palliative, a jigger of this and a twist of that, served up for pure delectation. Whether you perceive grace in a moment of startling compassion, in Roger Federer’s miraculous forehand, or even in the minute-by-minute harmony of line cooks during the dinner rush, witnessing it pleases the senses, brightens the mood, and inspires a feeling of ease.” -Sarah L. Kaufman,

note: quotations from the book, The Art of Grace: on Moving Well Through Life, by Sarah L. Kaufman whch I decided to read in addition to all the other books I’m currently reading.

2 thoughts on “who are the three Graces

  1. Grace. It’s a topic not much written about, at least in my world. But, how grateful I am for the grace that abounds in my life from Him, especially when I’m so undeserving.


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