The electrician restores the break
in circuit bringing back the missing
-telephone, light, internet conncetions.

In Denmark residents have an ID card
does almost everything, opening
bank accounts, borrowing
books from the library , renting property,
one’s whole medical history.

Players of all ages, shout
and run with their kites
hardly pausing for conversations.
A man with arthritic hands lacking
agility can still make his kite, dance and flirt.

The children, when they get home,
will look for the word equanimity
later with time, the story
of kite runners, a tradition
the old man told them.

Others, we can not see them,
in our midst covered with darkness,
at the other side of privilege and abundance,
no place to call home, stateless
they can not read
they are lost in the world
they are deprived of the world.

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