relate art to life?

I’m taking an eCourse:

Modern Art & Ideas
by The Museum of Modern Art

with the lecturer: Lisa Mazzola
One of the readings is about the value of the museum in education and the concept John Dewey’s continuity of experience: the educational value of experience should lead the learner to future educational experiences.


The students should relate art what they see in reality, in every day life they experience at home, in the streets, with fellow students. Art should not be learned just as an isolated experience but should be part of a web of experiences. It should be viewed by a non-dualistic eye.

I think there is also a separate joy that one experiences in viewing art that is hard to explain.

5 thoughts on “relate art to life?

  1. Sounds like a brilliant course…I have always felt that our perception of art is in a constant state of change as we encounter new experiences…I also believe that art is always viewed through our own cultural lenses…I hope you share your experiences with the course as you progress through it!


      1. 🙂 I hope you do post more about what you are doing in the course…I have always enjoyed art, though I admit, I only get to view most of it online.


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