Sharing a story


Yesterday on my walk to the river I passed by a lady arranging lots of bottles on the driveway.Curious I stopped by and inquired.”All empty bottles of vitamins.150 bottles.I took them as part of my cancer treatment,” she said. She was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. She had surgery and chemotherapy. “I’m cancer free now,” she said. “Happy Rebirth Day” the sign says.A new life. “We can live with cancer,” she said.

She let me share her happiness on that beautiful afternoon. I was very happy for her.

Uncertainty and its discontents

When you arrive where you are going
I will be two oceans away
The attractions where you will be
Are different where I am.

Being thousand miles have their own reasons
The masquerade we play
Unrevealing images and frivolities.
What does the bird see from high up the sky
Hundred trees for nesting
Or a hundred faces for hundred performances
Velleities for acting, routine and rehearsed?

You don’t know what you are looking for
Whistling in the dark
I don’t know where I am going
Walking in the dark.
We are two mirrors reflecting each other
Somewhere is a table of grace
We are blinded by the sun.


note: Napa River at low tide, Napa Downtown Riverfront, CA

Stopping by

Grandpa spreads peanut butter on slices of bagel
Grandma pours coffe newly brewed
Two cups side by side
Love is a table they share
Full of bric-a-brac, books, crumpled papers, iPads

Love Is a muffler, the scarf they wrap each other
A word easy to write and spell
A spell they warp each other
Lines we draw with intersecting lines and points
A web we build growing up, as they age
Or moments of grace
I graze when I stop by
To say hi.