you may need a parasol

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, sunny, blue skies, and warm. I had my walk to the river. The clouds reflected on the river. The river was at low tide. Half hour after I got home it started raining hard.

Today, Sunday, I did my walk in the downtown. From the Riverfront to Oxbow Public Market walking through the Oxbow Bypass. The cloud formation is mostly white clouds and some dark. Half hour after I got it started. Cheri had hail instead of rain for maybe 20 minutes.


Boxes of chocolates by Anette’s at the Oxbow Public Market.


Remember your Valentine.

2 thoughts on “you may need a parasol

  1. Your pictures are beautiful, but I must admit to missing snow in these parts. I love winter, the sparkling freshness of the white diamonds on the ground, but it is sorely lacking in Chicago land this January/February. Oh well, at least there are red sparkling hearts wrapped in cellophane!


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