yellow and blue with dashes of white

I picked up a book, Buddha in the Attic, from the Little Free Library, when I passed by during my daily walk to the river. I began reading a page or more when I stopped to have a breather or whenever I passed by a bench. When I got home I had read 37 pages.

How long did I walk? Can you extrapolate the distance or duration of my walk from the number of pages I read?

If I tell you how long or how far I walked can you tell me the number of pages I read? Of course not, you would say, because the reading was not part of space time although time elapsed when I was reading the book.

I found it interesting that book reading and walking are compatible if not complementary. It even stimulates new ideas. Can brain exercise?


note: note: A photo of one the trees with blossoms like mustard, at least in color.Is this an acacia tree?

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