a cup

You are not a riddle
just a simple bowl with a handle,
an eyelet, a ringlet
smooth, odorless,
pearly white with a deep abyss
stable like a statue, silent
smooth, the rim, handle and body
ceramics, shiny with shadows, reflection
the handle shaped like an ear
the body, head of a pipe
inverted like a fez or igloo,
one side looks like a jar.
Can you be a metaphor?

“Wait,” you say,
“I’m a vessel of persuasion,
fill me with coffee or tea
I will stir your thoughts,
your emotions, start a vibrant day,
millions all over the world will wait in line
to fill me with stories,adventures.
I’m not unique like a snowflake
but not evanescent,
I’ll be a world to you,
I will be your favorite friend.”

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