important question

“Einstein was asked what he thought the most important question that a human being needed to answer. His reply was ‘Is the universe friendly or not?’ “ —Joan Borysenko

note: quoted by M.J.Ryan, Attitudes of gratitude.IMG_0643

photo: taken during my 10,000 steps-walk to the river.

4 thoughts on “important question

    1. M.J. Ryan who quoted the question in the book, Attitudes of Gratitude, wrote: “…how each of us answers it is the key to whether we are happy and joy-filled or not, and whether or not an attitude of gratitude comes easily.If we believe the universe is friendly, then we believe that life is on our side, that good things will come our way, and that even when bad things happen, they are bumps in the road designed to teach us to become more wise, more whole, more loving.”


  1. At least, the Creator of the Universe is friendly 🙂 As many have pointed out, if He did not sustain us, we could not even exist. So, the fact that we do exist is testament to His love and good will toward us.


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