9I walked to the river, sunny 67 degrees, 12,000 steps, today. The ducks were all lined up, a long line.

I have to do walk every day, a commitment I have to do, like writing or learning something.My health depends on it.




4 thoughts on “commitment

  1. I try to walk every day as well, the strength of my feet permitting. Somehow, cycling is easier for me. Last week a mother and father goose with their eleven goslings walked up our driveway. They were unforgettable! Doesn’t nature take your breath? Doesn’t walking afford glimpses you would never see at other times?

    1. Hi Bellezza,
      Yes. Walking afford glimpses that other forms of recreation do not offer. Probably the cheapest and the easiest to do. BP and waistline can change life’s outlook very fast.
      It’s wonderful you cycling is your choice. It’s faster and covers more territory and of course, more glimpses.
      Have a nice week.And thank you.

  2. It’s great when we have places with trees and watercourses, birds and flowers and open skies to walk in. Walking could still be very interesting and healthy if one were in the city – but maybe not as healthy, or refreshing to the whole person.

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