A day like today

Today was an unusually hot day
88 degrees at 5 in the afternoon .
I heard drum beats and oboe’solitary
Cry, bees in the garden holding
Their breath.My thoughts appeared
In jumbles, voices knocking on the door.
I had to stop a few times during
My walk to the river, I felt tightness
On my left chest like when I fell in love
With a wrong woman.Returning home
I stopped by and chatted with two ladies,
The elderly one wearing a straw hat on her head
was standing and the younger one I presumed
Her daughter, was sitting on a bench.
“How was your walk?” the elderly one
Asked. “It’s hot,”I said.
“It’s lovely,” she said. “You should walk slow.”


note: a black bird with red wing shoulder


note: the path starts to be golden.

2 thoughts on “A day like today

    1. I like the advice: “Never hurry” to slow down the “haste in the blood”. It will getting dark by 8.

      Thank you GretchenJoanna.Those letters from your Aunt are probably precious.

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