a circle and a pi

A house with two doors: one for entrance,
one for departure, both lock automatically
on closure and open with one key.

I got lost once in a forest
I followed movement of the sun and flight of birds
I found the river and the bridge.

One fountain
at the middle of the village
spouts jets of colored waters.

Our chance meeting
walking and sitting meditations on the beach
the tide touching our feet.

Our eyes entered each other,
a complete surprise,
a fusion of affections.

Not all stories have happy endings.
We sat on a booth
sunset painting our faces.

I’m writing to you every morning
after a solitary walk
to perpetuate my sanity.

I am intelligent
my mantra since childhood.

I am an architect
designing houses
and future cities.

I select
pieces of sturdy wood and bricks
from ruins and demolished buildings.

I am building a new house
from materials,new and remnants
a life in transformation.

I have told you my story
short and fragmented
now, it’s your turn.

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