Just imagine

A place where one can tell time
In towers and double doors,
Elevated curbs and sidewalk sales
To celebrate birthdays with bouillabaisse,
Seafood risotto with lobster saffron broth
A place to be.

Thunder, lightning, and rain
Can come unexpectedly during summer
Clearing dust and malaise,
Bringing deer,swans,sunsets
Colors, vivid and abundant
A place to be.

another way

“You have been to Rio.”
I am looking at her scarf.

“You are a Whovian.
She is looking at my backpack.

We try to add meaning
while standing in line waiting for ice-cream.
Seize the day, an unstructured theme
but there is another way
unlike just selecting a fruit flavor,
a genuine space for exploration.

Between licks and bites
we exchange pages of memoirs
binocular for camera,
puzzle solving for origami.
We become a book club of two,
children again, playing a see-saw.

We reach the ends of the cones
We have to say goodbye.

“You live so far away.”
“Space-time should be the least of your finalities.”

We have moments of laughter and regrets
and lasting impressions.
We promise to leave the lights on
and door unlocked.