A different morning

“Up through the chimney and out, the smoke mingled with the mist that was gathering speed, sweeping in thicker and thicker, obscuring things in parts-half a hill, then the other half. The trees turned into silhouettes, loomed forth, were submerged again. Gradually the vapor replaced everything with itself, solid objects with shadow, and nothing remained that did not seem molded from or inspired by it.”- Kiran Desai

note: excerpts from the book, Inheritance of Loss, by Kiran Desai

Reading books when ill

I finished reading Birth of a Dream Weaver

Books I’m reading. I added 2 new books: Sapiens, Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Harari and Absolutely on Music, Conversations with Seiji Ozawa by Haruki Murakami.
I borrowed both of them from our county library. Sapiens is a book, an ebook to read and MP3 to listen to. Sapiens is on the reading list of Barack Obama and Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg put the book on his online book club.I downloaded Sapiens, an ebook to read.

I enjoying these 2 new books.

Mrs. Abstract and I caught respiratory bugs. Hard for me to think and write but fortunately does not prevent me from reading books.

A pocketful

When I was a young girl
after the night became very dark
I will stand on the backyard
look at the sky
and wait for showers of meteors.
I will put one in my pocket
and go to bed.
At breakfast
I had a pocketful of questions.
Some I put on my backpack
and took them to school.


note: One more week before spring. Today is like a very warm spring day,80 degrees and the sky, so blue.


“Life is life. It does not freeze at any time, under any conditions. Life goes on, whatever our consciousness of God. And we with it. We go on grappling with life. We go on growing into awareness. We go on struggling to be worthy of awareness in which we now walk. And we fail often.” -Joan Chittister, Illuminated Life, Monastic Wisdom for Seekers of Light

an orbit of one’s own making

What will happen if one of the planets
from our solar system disappear?
Or a new one appear?

I am on my way in to a bakery
for bear claws and cinnamon twists
She is on her way out, a cup on one hand
a folder and cell phone on the other.
In trying to avoid something on the ground
she loses her coordination
papers fly out in all directions
a gasp and curses I have not heard before
Instinctiv.ely I pick up some papers, she pursues the others
Hurriedly, she gathers everything,
goes to her car and leaves.

Saturday my ritual to visit the bakery
we see each other with recognition.
She apologizes and offers her gratitude.
“Can I invite you for a cup of coffee?’she says
I look at her bright eyes,
it’s not polite to refuse an invitation.

Reading books

I am reading 6 different books at the present time: Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry, The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai,Tenth of December by George Saunders, Birth of a Dream Weaver by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, Listening Below the Noise by Anne D. LeClaire,and The Portal of the Mystery of Hope by Charles Peguy.inder
I don’t know which one I will finish first.Under the Volcano is for my book club.The Portal is a theological poetry.

I walked 7700 steps today, the most I have done since my heart surgery. I still become very tired at the end of my walk. Patience I was told.


“I set aside one day for silence and for twenty-four hours (first and third Monday of the month) I did not speak. At that time I had no idea this would be the beginning of personal odyssey of exploration and discovery, a long journey not without difficulties but one that, in the ensuing years, would transform my life.”-Anne D. LeClaire, Listening Below The Noise

note: I started reading a book, Listening Below The Noise, by Anne D. LeClaire. I am almost fuIly recovered from my heart surgery except for tiredness. I still have a hard writing, putting words and phrases together.IMG_2416

a way of life

“All we have in life is life. Things do not make life, life. The gift of life, the secret of life,is that it must be developed from within ourselves, not from what we collect or consume as we go through it, not even from what we experience in the course of it…(but from) a set of values,an attitude of mind, a way of going through life designed to bring life to life.”-Joan Chittister, Illuminated Life

One night

I walked to the river yesterday. The blue heron was tiptoeing on the opposite bank not minding the fishermen sitting on their folding chairs with their cast lines resting on sticks. They were talking with their drop-by friends. I said hi. They said hi. Then one man showed me the skid marks of the car that jumped over the stone barrier into the river the midnight before.The driver was a 15 year old girl and the passengers were another 15 year old girl and a 14 year old boy. They were able to get out of the car before it sank in the river. The incident was reported to the police on the following morning according to the newspaper.

I was very tired when I walked back home.

World Day of Prayer

“World Day of Prayer is held each year on the first Friday in March. The day was the idea of Church Women United who work for justice and peace. Each year, women’s group from a different country writes a prayer service and theme for the day.

For World Day of Prayer 2017 which is being celebrated today, the women group from the Philippines prepared the prayer with the theme, ‘Am I being unfair to you?’ ”



note: the photos are taken from the website of World Day of Prayer.
Click here: Prayer