ordinary things


The ordinary things that sing and comfort
The birds and my sandals
My morning walk expands my morning
Carrying a book and stopping
and sit on benches along the way
to read and maybe write a note or two
my feet and pages get along
like kindlings to start a fire.

My voice bounces in greetings
when I meet other walkers
their dogs running towards me
I walk and read and say hello
what other wonders do a day offers
to lift the spirits?

note: photo of the palm tree in front of the door of our condo.

2 thoughts on “ordinary things

  1. Oh my, this is a poem for me!! Except that I don’t take a book, other than maybe a tiny prayer book… but my walk expands my morning. It almost starts my morning and makes the day what it is. And I’m wondering what will happen when the weather moves my walks to later in the day or takes them away altogether. Maybe I will try sitting on the two benches along the way sometime, and see if I can get a fire going.


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