Return of the Prince

Return of the Prince
Roger Federer as Hamlet

Skull, tell me your name
Are you someone I know?
Who do you serve?
Do you know my father, the old king?
Did you suffer the conflicts of man:
Slander, envy, betrayals,
Nobility and smashing fortune.

Love is gone.
“All is not well” in the kingdom
I can sense
There is something rotten in Denmark
A murder in the air.
It’s my fault
I should have known beforehand
The net of vipers plotting to wrest power
While I am away in England,
America, France, Australia playing
In tournaments to win honors for the kingdom
And to learn the ways of man.

My father, the old king,
So excellent, so loving of my mother,
Is dead.
There are no shades or shapes of grief
From the new king, my father’s brother,
The one, now, that “wears his crown.”

I hear the voice, my father’s spirit,
An apparition that roams the nights.
My father’s spirit will not rest
Until I avenge his death
The single purpose for my return.

I am confused, fighting volleys of emotions
These are not like games I play
Of winning or defeat
But where I stand with duty and honor.
“All you host in heaven hear me.”
Should I exchange my racket for a sword?



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