Two Birds

Version 2

They can be a child and her aunt
But they are two birds: a gull and a blue heron
Their backs facing each other
In awareness of my approach
Walking towards them one small step at a time
Their eyes, their wings, their feet in complete stillness
I turn around after I take a photo
With gratitude for their courtesy.
Is it a mystery
When fear is stilled and comprehended?
Is it easy to step into simplicity
And why is it a stuggle to stay?
Sometimes you have to withdraw your rational mind
And the insistence to understand.
It’s a long way, a long way.

note: I finished reading Abandon, A Romance by Pico Iyer.I’m starting anew book: Beyond The Sky And The Earth, A Journey into Bhutan by Jamie Zeppa.

I just discovered a minimalist artist, Agnes Martin and heard the voice of Sissel Kyrkjebo, both for the first time.



Ride the wave one writer says
Pretend every word you have written is true
The stone arrangement has meaning
Messiness is a word seldom heard
A childhood of uncoordinated colors
Always there and barely noticed.
Soon it will be New Year
Another node in a chain of changes
Like looking forward to frequent distractions
Errands to make, barrels to blend
Will it be jazz or folk songs?
Should I invite her to watch the sunset?
There will be time for silhouettes
I have to remember to adjust the aperture
Light and time are never still
There are other more dangerous propositions.

note: Books I’m reading:
The Practice of Contemplative Photography by Andy Karr and Michael Wood
The Creative Artist by Nita Leland
Abandon by Pico Iyer
Still Writing by Dani Shapiro


The Party

A feast of drinks, laughters, and embraces
And the late hour. I felt
Carried in the softness of air and deep comfort
Deeper into nothingness.
I woke up with darkness breaking
Chairs, tables, chandelliers, photos on the walls appearing
It was not the particulars that were frightening
Or the suddenness that was bewildering
Or the dull argument I was visited by demons
It was the silence, surrounded by silence
The loneliness of waking, waking up alone.


arts painted in light

Lighted Art Festival

“Napa Lighted Art Festival, (under the stars),large scale art works painted entirely in light.Using light projections and sound system artists from the U.s. and Europe turn Napa’s (Napa Valley, California, U.S.) streetscape into an open air gallery.” The art works are projected on major buildings in downtown Napa from December 8 to December 17.

Below are two of the nine art works.


note:the stained glass is part of the church and not of the art work.



the three photos above is titled “Language of Love”, by Birgit Zander and Daniel Bandke.


Flow by by David Sullivan.



above 2 photos are titled Sonic Expression Exhibit by Cecil Lossy and Eddy  Mclay